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Point to Point on the Appalachian Trail


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Blue Mountain Shelter

(3780 ft)

48.5 miles from Springer Mountain


<<South                                           North>>

2.2 miles north to:Unicoi Gap/GA.75/Helen, GA.

Thru-Hikers @ Blue Mountain Shelter

Built in 1988.

0.8 miles south of Blue Mountain summit (4,025)

via side trail to left.  Spring on A.T. just before turnoff to shelter.

Sleeps 7. No privy.


There is a campsite (site of a former shelter) that is about a mile or so before this shelter if you are heading north. A great spot to stop at night as an alternative to this shelter.

 -PushingDaisies,  01-21-2003

Georgia Appalachian Trail Club