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Point to Point on the Appalachian Trail


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Neels Gap, GA.

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30.7 miles from Springer Mountain

The Walasi-Yi Center

The Walasi-Yi Center

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A great place for a small maildrop, though not entirely necessary as they sell sufficient food to get you through the next stretch. Also, a great place to field-strip your pack and send home stuff you discover you dont need.

In 1937 the building now known as "The Walasi-Yi Center" was built by the Civil Conservation Corp as part of a government employment program for young men during the depths of the Great Depression. In the building's first life it served as a restaurant and inn. It was then abandoned in 1965 but soon found a new mission when a group of artists rented the center from the state until 1969. Once again the Center sat vacant for several more years and was even slated for demolition in the mid-1970's until a few concerned locals managed to have the building placed on the National Register of Historic Places. It's future ensured for the time being, the Center served as a simple shop selling drinks, candy, Indian headdresses and plastic tomahawks. Its hours of operation were dependent upon the owner's willingness to be open and a cantankerous old dog was always willing to chase a passing hiker or two back into the woods.

In 1983, the Walasi-Yi Center had finally found its purpose... to serve weary hikers, offering a needed smile and helpful advice. Over the past 20 years, Mountain Crossings has gained valuable knowledge from those who have ventured along the A.T. This allows us to offer keen insight and advice to hikers planning to travel the Appalachian Trail. Please, if you have a question, need some advice or directions for your next hike... contact us!

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0.3 miles east to Blood Mountain Cabins (800)284-6866.

3.5 miles west to Goose Creek Cabins (706)745-5111.

Free shuttles from Neels Gap for guests.



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