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Point to Point on the Appalachian Trail


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Gooch Mountain Shelter

14.6 miles from Springer Mountain

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Gooch Mountain Shelter

Gooch Mountain Shelter, built in 2001, was donated in memory of hiker Kurt von Seggern by his family. It was designed by family members and architect, Dolly Hawkins. She incorporated in the plan two sleeping levels for extra space and an overhanging roof to provide a covered cooking and eating area. The shelter site also includes tent pads for campers, a state of the art moldering privy, and food hoist cables.

The shelter was completed in September 2001 after 2000 volunteer hours from GATC members and guests went into the construction of the shelter and the site amenities. An additional 3000 volunteer hours were contributed to building a 6000 foot relocation of the AT that was needed to reach the new shelter.

Located about 100 yds. from the Trail (new relocation) it is a well designed double decker, with plenty of head room on the second deck. It has a covered gravel deck with cooking counters, composting privy, bear cables, tentsites.

Sleeps 14.

Water 100 yards behind the shelter.

Campsies at the old Gooch Gap Shelter location 1.8 miles north.

New Gooch Shelter is great. It definitely is worth a stop to spend the night. The privy is new and clean, the spring easy to access, and the double-decker sleeping quarters are large enough for big groups.

 -zydecajun, 01-21-2003

1.8 miles to Gooch Gap tentsites

Georgia Appalachian Trail Club