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Point to Point on the Appalachian Trail


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Springer Mountain Shelter

0.2 miles from Springer Mountain Terminus

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Springer Mountain Shelter
photo by woebegone

Built in 1993.

Shelter 250 yards east on side trail with privy and reliable spring on blue blazed side trail 80 yards in front of the shelter. Two story shelter with picnic table & fire grate. Established tent site nearby. Bear cable was installed New Year's Day 2002.

Sleeps 12.




My friend Blueberry was sleeping here her first night on the AT. Hung her food on the cable. Around 2 am, Mr/Mrs Bear came by for a little snack. First night on the trail and all, she was scare to death. Made all the noises, etc the bear just continued to shake and shake the pole until the food bag was his. He sat right in front of the shelter and ate up Blueberry's food rations. Then after about 30 minutes picked up the bag and left. She managed to get a few oatmeal packets


-Hammock Hanger,



Georgia appalachian Trail Club maintains the 75.6 miles from Springer Mountain to Bly Gap.
P.O. Box 654
Atlanta, GA.30301