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Point to Point on the Appalachian Trail


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Ed Garvey Shelter

1011.3 miles from Springer Mountain

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photo by woebegone

Nicest privy on the trail?

  The site is atop a wide, level ridge on the southern half of Maryland's A.T.

It is about 2 miles North of Weverton Cliffs.

  The log construction style we are using on the shelter is a Scandinavian "chinkless" method where no mortar or chinking is needed between the logs. The majority of work is done with a chainsaw, then chisel work is done to get a good fit between the logs.

   Individuals familiar with this section of A.T. are aware of its scarcity of water. The spring is mile and 300' downhill east of the shelter site. Upper loft via rear stairway.

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