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Point to Point on the Appalachian Trail


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Carter Gap Shelters

90.9 miles from Springer Mountain

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The New Cater Gap Shelter

The original Carter Gap Shelter, another 1959 vintage shelter, sits 75 feet from the trail, sleeps 6, and has a generally reliable spring 150 feet down the blue-blazed trail beyond.
 In 1998, the club build another of it's new Nantahala style shelters across the AT from the old shelter. The new shelter sleeps 8. Privy.
Bear cables should be in place in 2003.

There are two shelters here. One is an old (70's) lean-to, but in good shape. Water is spring 300 feet below old shelter. New shelter is on southeast side of gap. Has overhang, table, benches. Also, a crawl type space below main part of shelter for sleeping area. No privy. No mice? but it was really cold the night I was there.  -Novhiker

Nantahala Hiking Club