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Point to Point on the Appalachian Trail


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Tray Mountain Shelter

56.2 miles from Springer Mountain

<<South                                                 North>>

Anyone got a photo?


Built in 1971.

Shelter is 0.2miles west of A.T. via side trail, Nice piped spring 260 yards behind shelter.  Plenty of places for tents. Privy. Catch the sunrise/sunset from Tray  Mountain Summit (4,430), 0.3 miles north.

Sleeps 7.

What I remember about Tray mountian was an incredible sunset, and an amazing amount of wind that funnels directly into the shelter,

 Four of us hung our tents over the shelter opening to keep the wind at bay most of the night....

-Jumpstart, 09-30-2002

Georgia Appalachian Trail Club